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Tag RC releases


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I'm not sure what is the right component.

Currently, we're tagging the first RC (FIREFOX_RELEASE_49_BASE) both on mozilla-beta and mozilla-release. We're not tagging successive RCs, which makes it harder to know what landed between an RC and another.
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FTR, FIREFOX_RELEASE_49_BASE is not a RC1 tag, this is a merge day tag, not used in release automation.

To implement this:

1) change so it works without next_version set (required for bumping

2) Create a new task, similar to to handle tagging only

3) make sure to have it only for RCs (aka graph1) and run in parallel with publishing to balrog (after the human decision task)
I'm planning on working on some relpro-related tasks at the beginning of Q4 for a few days to fix some stuff and match with my releaseduty cycle as well. Am assigning this too to keep it in my records for that time.

If there's anyone else volunteering for it in the meantime, feel free to reassign.
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This should be fixed for Fx59+. We don't have ESR52 RCs afaik.
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I misspoke. We'll tag these once the final RC ships, but not for each RC revision. Reopening.
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:aki, offhand do you know if (and where) in taskgraph I can gather "which RC are we" in taskgraph? (rather than "which buildnumber we are"
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Aiui, there is no marker for "which RC are we", only which build number. I believe the number of shipped RCs is equal to the number of build numbers with ship_rc phases run. We could index those, count them, and add 1 to determine which RC we are now, or we could keep track of this number somewhere else (ship-it v2?). We could also use previously existing RC tags to determine how many previous RCs there were on this version number, or pass this number down as another parameter. I'm guessing counting RC tags is probably the least amount of work among the above solutions.
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Sylvestre, Marco.

So given the details in c#6 and with discussion amongst releng, my current plan is to implement "tag buildN early" as a seperate thing. So we'll have Firefox 65.0 build 1 tags, and build 2 tags and build3 tags, even if we only ship build 1 and 3 to rc...

Historically of course we've never had RC tags, and if we do RC tagging I'd like to try and do this in a cleaner way than I think I can devote time to right now.

Would this solve the use-cases you both are currently concerned about? if not can you try and articulate what use-cases it won't solve that you'd like to see solved?
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Sounds great to me, thanks!
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WFM too.
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Bug 1301782 - Be explicit about what tags to create. r=aki

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Bug 1301782 - Perform buildN tagging at promote phase. r=aki

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Be explicit about what tags to create. r=aki
Perform buildN tagging at promote phase. r=aki
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