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Get the sms app working again


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Current Status, reviewing the code to understand how it works and building a B2GOS emulator to be able to test
Hint: transition branches have been merged into m-c and gaia/master. We are working only on mozilla-central and gaia/master now :-)
Summary: Get the sms app working again in transition branch → Get the sms app working again
fair enough edited the title :)
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From what i understand now the app, is "broken" because Datastore API has been removed, here the logs from the Webconsole:

08:29:59.438 "Can't edit chrome://gaia/content/sms/index.html, waiting for write"  places.js:289:17
08:29:59.657 Invalid mozMobileConnections for shim initialization  moz_mobile_connections_shim.js:36:7
08:29:59.688 Error opening the dataStore: TypeError: navigator.getDataStores is not a function  icons_helper.js:157:13
08:29:59.714 "Can't edit chrome://gaia/content/sms/index.html, waiting for write"  places.js:289:17

One suggestion was to use indexedDB instead but i have no idea at all how to do that any help would be welcome to go forward.


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Are you sure the error from icons_helper actually comes from the Messages app ? It's not used anywhere in the app... A grep for icons_helper in the root directory doesn't bring anything from /shared or sms so I don't understand where this comes from.

As far as I know, the Datastore API is used only for the Facebook friends in the Messages app. And I even think the JS lib we use for this just ignores it if the Datastore API is unavailable (see /shared/js/fb/ -- not the best JS code, sorry).
Hi Julien,

Effectively you're right misleading errors, sorry since i'm not very familiar to gaia regularly looking at error which are not related to my issue.
Keep digging into this double checking if all css/js are properly loaded.

I know feel my problem is more in that path..

thanks for the hint
If you run this from a device, I usually use this command to debug:

while true ; do adb logcat -v threadtime; done

(it's in an alias for me).

This helps showing where and when a specific log happens.
So far as i'm only on mulet don't have any device for now.
But sometimes it behaves strangely :)

Hi All,

Pretty much stuck at the same stage for now here attached are the error i'm getting in mulet , but didn't get what could be the cause.

If any one has any hint, it would be much appreciated.

It's a screenshot of the error i'm getting since i didn't find a way to export the logs from mulet and copy paste doesn't work between my host and guest OS.
The main issue is the first line: the API mozMobileMessage is missing.

Now, I don't know why :) Maybe it's not built in Mulet because this API is related to RIL.

The best would be to try this on either a real device or a phone emulator.
Okey thanks ! I have asked on discourse if someone can give it a try on a device
So far can't get the homescreen fully loading on the emulator..

FI, here is my repo

I'm working on a patch to get the emulator working again. I'll open a bug and attach it later.
Mass closing of Gaia::SMS bugs. End of an era :(
Closed: 5 years ago
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Mass closing of Gaia::SMS bugs. End of an era :(
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