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Steps to reproduce:

Good day.

This has happened to me several times in my years of using Firefox. If I recall it has happened on Microsoft websites the most (like TechNet). However, I failed to open a bug. Now, someone in has posted an example of this bug. Here is a webpage where Firefox prints blank page(s) after some point:

I've seen similar bugs on Bugzilla but they are all RESOLVED so I am opening this new bug. I run an older FF but the user who reported having this problem is using FF48. I'm not quite sure how to attach a whole webpage consisting of several files, so I am attaching the mhtml version.

Actual results:

Prints 1 page correctly, and 1 blank page.

Expected results:

In IE this prints 3 pages correctly.

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2 years ago
Print output is affected too, not only print preview.
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2 years ago
It seems to work with FF21 but not FF25, so it's probably an old regression already reported.
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2 years ago
Regression window:

Triggered by:75cab729c971	Daniel Holbert — Bug 783490: Enable "layout.css.flexbox.enabled" pref. r=dbaron
Blocks: 783490
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2 years ago
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Comment 4

2 years ago
This bug was first reported at least six years ago.   

It is still present in 49.  

Stackoverflow has suggestions for the web page designer about preventing this.  

However I'm trying to print pages generated often dynamically by someone else.  

Help? Thanks.
As far as I can see, it is looks like to occur assertion:

[Main Thread]: D/printing In DV::ReflowPrintObject PO: 0x1437e9940 pS: 0x13477d000 (     eDoc) Setting w,h to 47600,67360
[Main Thread]: D/printing In DV::ReflowPrintObject PO: 0x143606920 pS: 0x145418000 (   eFrame) Setting w,h to 0,0


[Main Thread]: D/printing ****** Printing Page 1 printing from 1 to page 2
[GFX3-]: Surface size too large (exceeds extent limit)!
[GFX2-]: Allowing surface with invalid size (Cairo) Size(47600,67360)
[GFX3-]: Surface size too large (exceeds extent limit)!
[GFX2-]: Allowing surface with invalid size (Cairo) Size(47600,67360)


[GFX3-]: Surface size too large (exceeds extent limit)!
[GFX2-]: Allowing surface with invalid size (Cairo) Size(47600,67360)


[Child 5026] ###!!! ASSERTION: no page sequence frame: 'nullptr != pageSequence', file /Volumes/External/mozilla-central/layout/printing/nsPrintEngine.cpp, line 2585

If I removed iframe from this test site of comment 0, I confirmed that last assertion of nsPrintEngine.cpp doesn't appeared. But GFX size check is failed. I'm not sure that what happen here. If I get the time, I'll investigate more detail this.

Comment 6

3 months ago
I'm baffled that this bug still exists and that it is not yet fixed. Is there any info that you need from us or should we run some mozregression tests to help finding the commit that causes this or was this bug there since the beginning?

This is critical as many websites will not print the needed information and users will eventually switch to other browsers.
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