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Redirect existing Belarusian (be) users to Russian (ru) builds via update snippets


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We plan to stop building Beta and Release for Belarusian (be). 

The agreement with BD is to move the existing users to Russian (ru) through the update system. We don't need to build a special repackage for these users, just to move them to a full Russian build.
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This patch removes be from aurora builds (all-locales), and beta/release (shipped-locales).
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patch for mozilla-aurora

Sorry, clearly wrong bug :-\
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Adding this back to the pool.
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Francesco, do we need to show a What's New Page for these users?
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I created a release blob based on latest beta (51.0b7):

* removed all locales, except "ru"
* removed all "partials"
* removed all channels except "*"
* s/%LOCALE%/ru
* replaced with
* created a new rule on beta-cdntest to match "be" and serve this update

I installed one of the 50 betas in a win64 VM, changed the channel to "beta-cdntest" and updated it to "ru" as expected. If someone can verify this on other platforms, we can move this rule to the beta channel.
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(In reply to Rail Aliiev [:rail] ⌚️ET from comment #4)
> Francesco, do we need to show a What's New Page for these users?

I'd say no, given that we don't have such a page available on, nor a community to localize it in Belarusian.
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Francesco, I can enable this on the bet channel anytime. How hard do you wan to QA this? Is QA I made in comment 5 sufficient?
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(In reply to Rail Aliiev [:rail] ⌚️ET from comment #7)
> Francesco, I can enable this on the bet channel anytime. How hard do you wan
> to QA this? Is QA I made in comment 5 sufficient?

Can you explain in details how I can test it (in particular how to set the update channel to "beta-cdntest")? I might give it a try just to check.
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This is what I did:

* download one of the older "be" installers, let's say 50.0b6
* disconnect the VM from the network to prevent accidental background updates
* install Firefox
* in about:config change "app.update.log" to true to log update URLs etc in case I want to debug something (not usually required)
* close Firefox
* edit "defaults\pref\channel-prefs.js" in the app directory (c:\Program Files\...). s/beta/beta-cdntest/.
* Launch Firefox
* Open the console (Ctrl+J IIRC) to see the debug  messages (not usually required)
* Enable networking
* Check for updates, apply the update, restart Firefox.
* Check the UI, maybe omni.ja for locale settings.

I hope this helps.
Thanks. I did a test on Linux and Mac, starting from a random 50 beta, and it works as expected. Updates to a Russian build, general.useragent.locale is set to ru instead of be, search settings are from Russian version.

I think we can move on. I'll try to keep a look on Telemetry to see if users actually move away from Belarusian.
This is live now. I'll keep the bug around to do the same for the release channel in 51.x.
This is live on the release-cdntest channel now. I repeted the steps in comment 9 using 50.0.2 be and it worked fine. I'll move this rule to the release channel after we release.
This is live on the release channel now at 25% (to match the main rule). I tested it in a VM and updated from 50.0.2 be to 51.0.1 ru. I'll set it to 100% when we unthrottle 51.0.1
100% now
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I deleted the rule to simplify the current rules.
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