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Deploy a hotfix to Firefox 48 users to prevent them from updating if they have WebSense installed


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User Story

Deploy a hotfix to Firefox 40-47 which:

* Acts on Windows only

* Detects the presence or absense of WebSense by checking the following paths:

** %WINDIR%\System32\qipcap.dll
** %WINDIR%\System32\qipcap64.dll
** %WINDIR%\sysnative\qipcap.dll
** %WINDIR%\sysnative\qipcap64.dll

If WebSense is not present, add "(nowebsense)" directly after "%OS_VERSION%" to the default value of the app.update.url pref

* New value will be

If WebSense is present, add "(websense)"
+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1298404 +++

Firefox 49, like 48, crashes at startup when Websense is installed (see bug 1294650). Right now we don't know how to prevent this crash, but we want to update the users who don't experience this crash.  Let's deploy a similar addon in 48.0.2, as we did in bug 1298404, to detect websense and if it isn't installed, trigger an update  to 49. If it is installed, we shouldn't allow 48.0.2 users to update to 49.  In short, whatever we did for 47, we need to put into place very quickly (today if possible) for 48.0.2.
We should ship this to 48.0.2, 48.0.1, and 48.0 windows users, I think.  We also aren't sure if the 48.x websense users will be able to get this hotfix, but there is a chance they can as we think the websense startup crash may be intermittent (as we still see a steady stream of crashes on 48.0.2).   So, some 48 users will keep crashing, but we think some may end up getting this hotfix and so we can keep them on 48.

We will also be landing the shim dll on 49.0.1 for windows users as soon as possible. Once that is in place we may not need to keep 48.x websense users back any longer, and I think then we can adjust update rules to allow them to update to 49.
Summary: Deploy a hotfix to Firefox 47 (and lower) users to prevent them from updating if they have WebSense installed → Deploy a hotfix to Firefox 48 users to prevent them from updating if they have WebSense installed
So, with bug 1301425 and a check that was left in the hotfix code that also allowed it to run on 48, currently users on 48 are already active in the hotfix.  So it's a matter now to just configure Balrog to look for "(nowebsense)" in the update check for 48->49 too.

Only users who won't have it are the ones who got the hotfix and upgraded in the first two days that it was deployed, before bug 1301425. In that case the hotfix was uninstalled. Those users won't have "(nowebsense)" anymore so they would just not receive the update.
OK, since this was already in place, I think we can close the bug. Thanks very much Felipe! (And rail and mtabara who set the balrog rules)
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