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It's not obvious that the value of RELEASE_BUILD is true in release and beta builds. There is confusion and uncertainty among a share of the developers, so lets make their lives easier and rename it to RELEASE_OR_BETA.
Attached patch main patch, v1 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
There is also a small patch with changes the check for "release" (mean Release or Beta) in a Spidermonkey test helper function which a spidermonkey peer should review.
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main patch, v1

Sounds OK to me.
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Attached patch main patch, v2Splinter Review
Feel free to redirect.

Try push is:
Android is busted because it didn't get built with secrets.

Reasoning for change: It's not obvious that RELEASE_BUILD is also true on beta.
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spidermonkey test 'release' change, v1

This is a change to code written by you.
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spidermonkey test 'release' change, v1

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Thank you :D
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main patch, v2

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::: toolkit/modules/AppConstants.jsm
@@ +21,5 @@
>  #else
>    false,
>  #endif

I feel like you might want a Firefox peer to sign off on this, since this is available to content JS. It's possible we could break extensions if there are any using this.

I note you didn't change the `releaseBuild` property on nsIXULRuntime, so an argument could be made for keeping this as-is (although having the names in AppConstants match the names in the build system is pretty sensible).
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Attached patch xpconnect, v1Splinter Review
One-line-change of an at the moment unused variable.
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Thank you for the review. This two-line patch changes isReleaseBuild to isReleaseOrBeta as suggested in comment 7.
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main patch, v2

Requesting review from Firefox peer as suggested in comment 7.
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main patch, v2

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I see no extensions using that property. Ted's review is fine for the rest.
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Pushed by
rename RELEASE_BUILD to RELEASE_OR_BETA: main part. r=ted,Mossop
rename Spidermonkey's 'release' to 'release_or_beta'. r=arai
Rename test_xrayToJS.xul's isReleaseBuild to isReleaseOrBeta. r=gabor
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xulruntime's isReleaseBuild

Review of attachment 8797609 [details] [diff] [review]:

Huh, this isn't used anywhere in the tree? Interesting!
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Rename nsXULAppInfo's isReleaseBuild to isReleaseOrBeta. r=ted
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