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[tracker] Remove correlations from Socorro


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Correlations have a long history of being useless or broken in Socorro. As far as we (the dev team) know, very few people have successfully used them in a while. Add to that that they are extremely hard to maintain and that none of us really understand them, and I come to the conclusion that we should remove correlations for the crash-stats website. 

Impacted parts of Socorro: 

 * report/list page
 * Signature report page
 * report/index page
 * Topcrashers page
 * middleware services
Can we instrument something to verify this?
Lonnen, note that this is not going to destruct the cron job running on crash-analysis. Just that we won't pull it into the webapp. 

According to google analytics, 240 clicks of 10,939 clicks of changing tab on report index pages are for the correlations tab. The only smaller one is reprocessing at 21 clicks. The other tabs have between 23% and 17% share. 

We don't have analytics of people hovering over the Correlations "Show More" column in the Top Crashers. 

On the Signature Report the bottom two tabs that people click on are: correlations 2.88% and graph 1.95%. 

Sadly we don't have google analytics on the API. (...probably because of the python 2.7.5 SSL problems)
Component: General → Webapp
Is there a bug we can block on for getting API instrumented (fixing that SSL or otherwise)?
Depends on: 1270583
Blocks: 1314814
Depends on: 1306891
Depends on: 1315116
Depends on: 1319941
Depends on: 1323519
Depends on: 1343257
No longer depends on: 1314312
Depends on: 1343892
Closed: 7 years ago
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