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prefetch links do not advertise 304 on reload


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Not sure if it's an issue with Firefox Devtools or if the information is not available at the Core. 

I created a test with two prefetch links.

First load all resources display a 200 OK. (normal)
Hit reload button the prefetch links shows a 200 OK (not expected) again with a "cached" keyword (expected) and 0 B (expected)

Should it advertise 304 instead?

First request:
19:48:54 "GET /2016/09/20/moz-prefetch/ HTTP/1.1" 200 336 "-" 
19:48:54 "GET /2016/09/20/moz-prefetch/normal.html HTTP/1.1" 200 985 ""
19:48:54 "GET /2016/09/20/moz-prefetch/private.html HTTP/1.1" 
200 985 ""

Second request:
19:49:01 "GET /2016/09/20/moz-prefetch/ HTTP/1.1" 304 - "-"
Opera Blink devtools show 304.
The log in Comment #0 is on the server.
Cc'ing the right Product person.
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Looking into it.
Ok you can take the bug.
Assignee: dd.mozilla → nobody
Sorry for the confusion, please take the bug.  I was just looking into this from the devtools product side of things.
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(In reply to Bryan Clark (DevTools PM) [@clarkbw] from comment #5)
> Sorry for the confusion, please take the bug.  I was just looking into this
> from the devtools product side of things.

I do not know were the problem is. I took the bug to investigate, not to lose it.

Have you found something? Do you know what is happening?
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My feeling is that. 
At the first HTTP request, the browser fetches the links (which is normal because of rel="prefetch")
But at the second HTTP request, there is no check to the server again (no conditional request), so the server never sends a 304 Not Modified, because there is no request. The resources are indeed in the cache.

So somehow I would say that it's neither a 200 or a 304. I haven't checked if Blink/Opera and WebKit/Safari sends a conditional request.

The behavior of prefetch links is described by

And the spec doesn't seem to say anything on HTTP reload of the initial resource.

Maybe Ilya knows.
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Different browsers have different behaviors for "reload" which, btw, is also hard to pin down because we disagree on what checks are performed when based on pull-to-refresh vs reload button vs url bar, etc. I have a feeling that's what we're observing here.. Hitting the reload button in Chrome triggers a revalidation, even though there is a valid resource available in HTTP cache, hence 304. I'm not sure what FF does... In other words I don't think this is prefetch specific. Try swapping prefetch for XHR and I'm guessing you'll see the same thing.
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