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[translate] Support search across projects


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As folks are working on consistency, it'd be great to be able to search for a string across projects.

That way, if, say, transvision finds a consistency problem between firefox and thunderbird, you could find those instances in pontoon easily.
Good call. There have been requests for this feature from at least two locales (and yet, for some reason we haven't file a bug).

One approach would be to load strings for all projects into a sidebar, similarly to how we do that for All resources for a particular project.
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Any news about this? I want to have this feature if Locamotion will no longer exist.
Hi, I'd like to +1 on this issue.

Do you have an estimate of a time this feature can be delivered?


Hey, the feature itself is already implemented, but it's blocked by bug 1377099.

You'd probably use it in combination with searching and filtering, which performs really poorly for locales with 10,000s strings.

Both, this bug and bug 1377099 are scehduled for delivery in Q3.
Summary: Support search across projects → [translate] Support search across projects
Well, I just wanted to do a quick fix of an error that I saw in a translation in Firefox. So I tried searching for "tapaidhe" in and got 0 results. I could not find a search within the Firefox project, other than clicking on every single file and using the in-browser search. So, please implement any search at all ASAP?

If we still had Pootle, I would have been able to fix strings within a few second. Now, it's gong to take hours, so it's not going to happen.
Fios, if you only want to search within Firefox, why don't you use the search field on the Firefox translate page (with All Resources selected in the resource menu)?

This bug is about being able to search across all different projects for a locale and is currenlty under active development.
Thanks! I guess we have a UI issue then, because I didn't see the search field at all. Probably because the text is grey - I can't begin to tell you how much I hate hate hate the low-contrast-to-the-point-of-invisibility greys in modern web design.
I agree the field should look more like a search field.

At the bottom of this document you'll find some early attempts in that direction:
Looking at those mockups, having a darker background would certainly help.
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