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Add preference for disabling search engine suggestions


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Currently, if you type something into the Awesomebar, unless it matches a URL in the history, the top suggestion is "foo bar -- Search with Google".

Now, Firefox has an independent search bar that can be dragged into the main UI via customization (I'm not sure if it's there by default). People who use this search bar might not want search engine suggestions in the awesomebar, preferring to use it for history/bookmark search only (in which case this suggestion is a distraction preventing the user from just hitting enter to get the first suggestion). Currently you can disable a lot of the kinds of suggestions in the awesomebar but not this one.
Unsure about the naming of the pref or its location (it could also go in the search pref panel, though to me the awesomebar section makes more sense since this only applies to the awesomebar)
We are not suggesting a search engine, we are only hinting what confirming with Enter does. The behavior is the same from Firefox 3.
Most of the other browsers are showing a similar hint in a similar fashion.

Just hitting enter to get the first suggestion has never been a thing, unless you install Enter Selects add-on, and even if we take your patch, typing something and pressing enter STILL does a search.
Oh, huh. Didn't realize that was the case.
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