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Tested in latest Chrome and it does not work. show no support unless a Chrome flag is enabled

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2 years ago
What in "does not work"? What was your minimal testcase? Do you refer to "Browser compatibility" listing "Chrome 44.0" or what is this ticket actually about? Which version is the "latest Chrome" that you tested with?
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Summary: Flase Chrome support → font-size-adjust: Chrome support not working as expected

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2 years ago
First I want to apologize for short report, I was in a rush and did not want to forget to report this.

'font-size-adjust' does not work on Chrome by default, the 'Enable experimental Web Platform features' need to be enabled in 'chrome://flags/'.

The canisuse page ( show it is supported since Chrome 43.

I tested with Chrome 44 and it works after enabling the flag.
I tested with Chrome 43 to check  and it works too after enabling the flag.

I don't know if you usually put a special mark for experimental feature (I think you should). But you need to change it anyway since it works on 43 too.

I used the portable version in case you want to verify my findings.
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