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lines do not wrap at space when it is followed by zwj or combining mark


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Steps to reproduce:

1) Open WrapTest.htm (attached)
2) Narrow the window until lines in table begin to wrap.
3) Keep making the window narrower until all 4 lines should wrap

Tested on Windows; Same results in release 49.0.1 and nightly 52.0a1 (2016-10-06) (64-bit)

Actual results:

Second two lines wrap; First two lines never wrap even though there are multiple U+0020 SPACE chars in them.

Same results show in text that is not in a table, as demonstrated in the 2nd half of the file.

Expected results:

All four lines in the table should wrap when the table is narrow enough. Similarly, all four lines below the table should wrap when the window is narrow enough.
Attached image Expected Result
Attached image Actual Result
The lines that do not wrap contain spaces, but every space is followed by (in the first line) a zero width joiner or (in the second line) a combining mark.
While such long sequences are unlikely in the wild, the fact that space+zwj is not seen as an opportunity for line breaking would cause Firefox to choose an earlier break opportunity, making for an overly-short line in that paragraph.
Yes, I think this is incorrect behavior. According to my reading of, there should be a break opportunity following the <space> in a sequence <space, zwj> or <space, combining-mark>.

(Note that there is a legacy behavior, described in, where there would NOT be a break between the space and mark here; but even then, our behavior would not be correct, because in that tailoring the combination <space, mark> is supposed to be treated as ID (like an ideographic character), which would allow a break on either side. But we fail to break at all.)

I think the immediate cause of the problem is that we form "clusters" in the textrun, where trailing combining marks and join controls become part of the same cluster as their preceding base -- which is important for things like letter-spacing and justification -- but then we don't allow any line-breaks within a cluster, which in this case should be permitted.
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Product: Firefox → Core
Version: 49 Branch → unspecified
Here are a couple of testcases (currently failing) for this issue in reftest form.
Attachment #8799133 - Flags: review?(m_kato)
Assignee: nobody → jfkthame
Patch that fixes the problem. If/when we eventually replace our line-break code with an ICU-based implementation, we may no longer need this, but for now I think it's the simplest/safest fix.
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Bug 1308502 - Add reftests for line-breaking at clusters having <space> as their base. r=m_kato
Bug 1308502 - Allow line-break even within a cluster if the preceding character (i.e. base of cluster) is a space. r=m_kato
Bug 1308502 followup, add missing const-ness to gfxTextRun::SetPotentialLineBreaks param, tidy up a bit. r=m_kato
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