WebAssembly parser reports: unused values not explicitly dropped by end of block




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Steps to reproduce:

Loaded a wasm file that contains the following fragment:

            (block $@block#5
              ;; org/teavm/classlib/java/lang/TInteger.java:112
              (br_if $@block#5
                ;; org/teavm/classlib/java/lang/TInteger.java:112
                (i32.const 0)
                  (get_local 0)
                  (i32.const -128)))
              ;; org/teavm/classlib/java/lang/TInteger.java:112
                (get_local 0)
                (i32.const 127)))

and the corresponding binary (0xC version) sequence:

$ hexdump classes.wasm -s 0x30ec -n 19 -C
000030ec  01 01 10 00 14 00 10 80  7f 4f 07 00 14 00 10 ff  |.........O......|
000030fc  00 50 0f                                          |.P.|

Actual results:

FF reports "TypeError: wasm validation error: at offset 12543: unused values not explicitly dropped by end of block"

Expected results:

Not sure, but cound not found what's wrong with the provided fragment, therefore I expect Firefox should not report error here.


2 years ago
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Thanks for filing! I think that if the br_if is not taken, the (i32.const 0) remains on the value_stack, so it needs to be explicitly dropped. Adding a `(drop)` opcode around the (br_if) should be enough. Is that correct, Dan?
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Yes, br_if should leave its branch value on the stack for both the taken and not-taken branch.
That's correct. Also, the `le_s` is also unused at block exit fallthrough and needs to be explicitly dropped.
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Thanks for the confirmation! So this is the code generator's role to generate the drop operands, in this case. Closing as invalid.
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a year ago
Type of the block is int32 (you can see first two bytes are 1, 1), so the value of le_s is not unused.
Ah, I had looked at the text presentation rather than the bytes. The WebAssembly text format now requires blocks with return values to state them explicitly.
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