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Percentage max-width/height on orthogonal writing-mode images isn't compatible with Chrome


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Background: bug 823483 and

It seems we're still not compatible with Chrome in some cases,
see the attached testcase.

It appears to me that Chrome only applies this special rule in
the image inline direction, and always does it in that direction
whether it's orthogonal to its parent or not.

Whereas Gecko applies it to the image axis that corresponds to
the parent's inline-axis.

Both UAs seems to have some bugs that makes it hard to compare.
First, take the Grid rendering in both UAs with a pinch of salt -
both implementations are buggy in this area.
The other examples looks reasonably correct in Chrome.
It seems Gecko doesn't implement [width,height]:min-content in
the block-axis yet, which I think explains some differences in
the block examples.
(The resolution here matters for the implementation of image Grid items.)
Blocks: 1218178
It seems flexbox performance is also different.
Can you attach the flexbox testcase please?
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