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bug909997.js test failure on sparc due set JS_CODEGEN_NONE


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Steps to reproduce:

This is the only js test failing:

FAIL - ion/bug909997.js
TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | js/src/jit-test/tests/ion/bug909997.js | /builds2/psumbera/userland-ff-45.4esr/components/desktop/firefox/firefox-45.4.0esr/js/src/jit-test/tests/ion/bug909997.js:31:5 Error: Assertion failed: got 0, expected 1 (code 3, args "")

This is becuase sparc code generation is missing (JS_CODEGEN_NONE=1) and JS_GetGlobalJitCompilerOption() will always return 0:

JS_GetGlobalJitCompilerOption(JSRuntime* rt, JSJitCompilerOption opt)
    return 0;

Expected results:

Since I'm new here I would like to ask for some comments on this.

What are the consequences for FF on sparc than?
Is it expected that bug909997.js test will fail or it's another bug beside missing sparc support for code generation?
Any adivce/pointers if I decide to try to add missing sparc support?
sounds like, we need to make it possible to detect JS_CODEGEN_NONE by testing function,
and skip the test on JS_CODEGEN_NONE.

nbp, how do you think?
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(In reply to Petr Sumbera from comment #0)
> What are the consequences for FF on sparc than?

There is none.  This function handles reading the flags used by the JIT, but when the JIT is disabled this function does nothing.

> Any adivce/pointers if I decide to try to add missing sparc support?

Either add a new testing function [1], or a new enumerated value which is always supposed to return 1, in the JS_GetGlobalJitCompilerOption function.  Thus, in the test case, add a condition, and call the skip() function if the jit is disabled.

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The current patch just modifies the test case to skip it if Baseline is disabled (or all jit are disabled).
I think we can safely land this without any try-server run.
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avoids bug909997.js test failure on systems with JS_CODEGEN_NONE set. r=nbp
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