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Rename unifiedcomplete tests to follow the same naming convention


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It looks like the predominant naming convention used is lowercase_with_underscores.

Therefore, the following tests should be renamed:
 - test_queryurl.js (should be test_query_url.js)
 - test_remotetabmatches.js (should be test_remote_tab_matches.js)
 - test_searchSuggestions.js (should be test_search_suggestions.js)
 - test_tabmatches.js (should be test_tab_matches.js)
 - test_visiturl.js (should be test_visit_url.js)
 - test_searchSuggestions.js (should be test_search_suggestions.js)
 - test_searchEngine_alias.js (should probably be test_search_engine_alias.js)
 - test_searchEngine_current.js (should probably be test_search_engine_current.js)
 - test_searchEngine_host.js (should probably be test_search_engine_host.js)
 - test_searchEngine_restyle.js (should probably be test_search_engine_restyle.js)
 - test_autoFill_default_behavior.js (should probably be test_autofill_default_behavior.js)
while I'm not against doing this, why should we spend time on it? is this a bug you would like to mentor?
Matthew filed this bug after I asked him to add an underscore to the name of his new test or make it camel case, to make it easier to read, in bug 1267810.  I forgot that we had other tests like "tabmatches" and "remotetabmatches", and he had named his test in a similar fashion.

I agree it's a "I'm not against it but it's not important" kind of thing.
oh well. let's just mentor this.
Mentor: mak77
Priority: P2 → P5
Whiteboard: [good first bug][lang=js]
Component: Location Bar → Places
Product: Firefox → Toolkit
I needed a break so I went ahead and made the updates - it took about 5 minutes and I think it's nice to have the consistency.
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Bug 1311049 - Rename unifiedcomplete tests to follow the same naming convention

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