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Update cubeb to revision 9eacd


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This contains:
- Patches for the windows duplex fixes that were applied to gecko with patches, and removes the patch calls from ``
- Slightly change the device name on OSX, to use the data source and not the device name (so that it's more explicit when using the built-in mic or 3.5mm TRRS plug)
- Implement auto-swich for OSX and fix it for WASAPI. Those are temporary, we'll implement that properly soon
- Fix a ton of warning
- Implement a new logging mechanism that we'll be able to wire to MOZ_LOG (see bug 1311340)

Because upstream now uses CMake, and because CMake needs an export header, we create a new header downstream and make it define the necessary define.
Blocks: 1311340
Assignee: nobody → padenot
No longer blocks: 1311340
Matthew, I saw on github upstream that you we're unsure about this new header. I'm happy to wait a cpuple days if we want to come up with a new solution (I can probably implement it if you don't have time), or we can just land this and remove this downstream header next time. I kind of need the new logging facility to diagnose errors in the field for a couple Nightly users.
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Bug 1311346 - Update libcubeb to revision 9eacd3144.

This is fine, I think having a dummy cubeb_export.h in Gecko is the simplest solution.
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BTW, this update can also remove bug1308418-mutex-copy-ctor.patch and the change added in bug 1308418.
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Update libcubeb to revision 9eacd3144. r=kinetik
(In reply to Matthew Gregan [:kinetik] from comment #4)
> BTW, this update can also remove bug1308418-mutex-copy-ctor.patch and the
> change added in bug 1308418.

This patch and the other obsolete patches were left in place.
Hrm I must have mixed up my trees, sorry about that.
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