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Some tests reported as java-exception failures are in other processes


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Our Android test harnesses check the logcat for "FATAL EXCEPTION" and report a failure if that is found. Most (all?) of these failures are in other processes - typically Android system processes. For example, see bug 1291974.

While there is a chance that the FATAL EXCEPTION causes a test failure - as seen in the original use case in bug 872116 - it appears that many of these system failures are unrelated to Firefox. I think it would be better not to scan for FATAL EXCEPTION.
Oh, wow, so this could be the reason for a lot of intermittent failures we see, right?
Actually, I reviewed all of our "java-exception" bugs and found only a few cases of "FATAL EXCEPTION"; all of the existing unresolved java-exception bugs are based on "REPORTING UNCAUGHT EXCEPTION", which is reported by Firefox code.
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do not trigger java-exception on "FATAL EXCEPTION"

Oops, forgot to update the test...
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do not trigger java-exception on "FATAL EXCEPTION"

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nice and simple.
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Do not report java-exception on "FATAL EXCEPTION"; r=jmaher
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