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ImageDocument::ImageResizingEnabled is unused


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Not set



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AFAICT it always returns true, but nobody actually calls either the XPIDL or webidl implementations anywhere, so we're just shipping dead stuff. I found exactly 1 add-on "using" this read-only prop: - but afaict that function gets called in exactly 1 circumstance, namely if the image width and height are both exactly 24 pixels. That seems like buggy code - I don't think that justifies keeping our dead bits around.
Edgar, this seems in your wheelhouse :)
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Hi Olli, I am willing to take this bug to remove ImageDocument.imageResizingEnabled, but it might cause add-on compatibility problems, although there seems only one add-on using this prop. How do we usually deal with this situation?
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jorge could answer to that.

Is the addon which is using this updated recently? Is it compatible with current FF release?
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I think you could also just contact the addon author and ask whether it is ok to remove the property.
It's a very old add-on, probably abandoned. I'll include this in the compat communication, but the impact is minimal, so please go ahead with it.
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Thanks for the comments, Jorge and Olli.
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Remove ImageDocument::ImageResizingEnabled. r=smaug
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