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Trying to read a dropped folder in Firefox should trigger an error but it doesn't in the 32bit version


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Steps to reproduce:

With the following minimal reproducible example:
1. Load the previous URL in Firefox 32bit application
2. Drag & drop a folder from the desktop to the browser window

Actual results:

The dropped folder was read erroneously by *FileReader.readAsDataURL*.
The following log was displayed:

Dropped item: <FOLDER_NAME> (no type available)
Event log:
+ load ... ⚠️
Item content (50 first characters):

Expected results:

*FileReader.readAsDataURL* should trigger an "error" event with the dropped folder.
The following log should be displayed instead:

Dropped item: <FOLDER_NAME> (no type available)
Event log:
+ error ... ✅
The bug is also present in Firefox Beta (50.0b) and Nightly (52.0a1).
Did it use to work in previous versions of Firefox?
Flags: needinfo?(dhaya.benmessaoud)
Fix range:

It works in FF50+ with e10s disabled after bug 906420 which implemented DataTransferItem.
The only issue remaining is with e10s enabled but there are some known issues with drag&drop in e10s mode (like bug 1311610).

Michael, do know if there is a bug to track this issue with e10s enabled?
Component: Untriaged → DOM: Events
Depends on: 906420
Flags: needinfo?(dhaya.benmessaoud) → needinfo?(michael)
Product: Firefox → Core
I created bug 1312120 as a metabug.
Flags: needinfo?(michael)
Priority: -- → P3
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