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2 years ago
We have unit tests that require Node so that we can use mocha and Enzyme. We should run these in CI.

How to run them:

- cd devtools/client/webconsole
- npm install
- npm test

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2 years ago
Alex, if you can help us get started with TaskCluster, that would be great. The test commands are above.
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I imagine there is an additional parameters to specify where firefox binary lives?

Could we get them running via ./mach somehow?
I don't know about node/npm I don't see any existing taskcluster task using that.
I'm not sure that's available in existing docker images.
We can surely come up with our own docker image, but I never did that and don't known what it takes to create and use a new one.

Taskcluster is somewhat easy. All the scripts live here:

So. To introduce a new test runner, it is as simple as editing:
And copy for example the "mochitest" section into a "devtools-console" one.
Here is a tweaked example, where I replaced the usage of the magic "mozharness" thing, which is a super helper made in python to run stuff around firefox. Instead it uses a "run-task" rule that allows arbitrary command execution.

    description: "Devtools console unit tests"
    suite: devtools/console
    treeherder-symbol: tc-Dt-c()
    loopback-video: true
    max-run-time: 5400
        using: run-task
        command: >
            cd /home/worker/checkouts/gecko/devtools/client/webconsole &&
            wget -O build.tar.bz2 {{build_url}} &&
            tar jxvf build.tar.bz2 && # if that {{build_url}} thing still works, you should have firefox here: ./firefox/firefox-bin
            npm install &&
            npm test
    instance-size: legacy
    allow-software-gl-layers: false

(I don't know what some fields are about and just keep them from mochitest rule)

Then you would have to register this new test rule in this file:

There is some docs over there:

You may find valuable help on #taskcluster if the right people are online when you are asking for help.
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