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additional crash stat correlation for add-ons - stability




Extension Compatibility
a year ago
6 months ago


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a year ago
what needs to be adapted and how to request this additional crash stat correlation?  

The motivation is to catch if add-ons start impacting stability early.  If they are, we need to be able to find which particular add-on is misbehaving.

may need to tweak the statistics that we apply to better include signatures and aspects crash details
Where do you want this information to be added?
Do you mean adding correlation data on crash-stats.mozilla.com ?
If yes, this bug should go into e.g. Socorro :: General.
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a year ago
Is this an analysis request? Shell when we talked last week you were going to get an analyst involved with this. Where did that end up?

Socorro is probably not the right dataset to do this with, because of the submission skew. We're trying to do as much new analysis as we can using the crash pings instead.

That said, Telemetry is still not the right component for this.  I'm going to move this to crash reporting for now, although as I mentioned in person, I'm a little skeptical about our ability short-term to produce useful insights.
Component: Telemetry → Breakpad Integration

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a year ago
Harald and Marco are looking at.  will move to extension compatibility until we talk next week.  if it will be visible on crash stats site will move to soccuro :: general.
Component: Breakpad Integration → Extension Compatibility
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a year ago
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6 months ago
ended up using hang data https://metrics.mozilla.com/protected/bmiroglio/addons/e10s/_site/stacks.html
and analyzing one off on if there was anything showing in crash stability as needed. https://sql.telemetry.mozilla.org/queries/5812#11831
Last Resolved: 6 months ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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