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Remove nsIScriptableDateFormat [was: Deprecate nsIScriptableDateFormat]


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From bug 1301655 comment 0:
> We shouldn't need to have an XPCOM API like nsIScriptableDateFormat for browser
> UI JS to format dates and times with. Now that the ECMAScript Intl API is
> available, UI JS code should use the ECMAScript Intl API instead of
> nsIScriptableDateFormat so that the nsIScriptableDateFormat legacy API could
> be removed.

That bug is eliminating the existing users of the API in mozilla-central. As there will doubtless be other users as well (comm-central, add-ons, ...), we should explicitly deprecate the interface and point people (through documentation, maybe a console warning?) towards the modern alternative.
:jorgev, can we check for code that uses nsIScriptableDateFormat in add-ons, and prompt the authors to migrate to Intl.DateTimeFormat instead?
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I see a number of add-ons using it. The ideal process in this case is to first deprecate the API and show a console warning when it's used. A release or two later, it can be dropped entirely.

We can message the developers for both events.
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Keywords: addon-compat
This gives us a build-time warning when nsIScriptableDateFormat is compiled (at least on OS X; I'm not sure if all our compilers do that), and a simple runtime message in the browser console when it's used. I didn't make the message localizable, as that seemed like overkill here; I don't think we need to burden localizers with this.
Attachment #8805914 - Flags: review?(gandalf)
Attachment #8805914 - Flags: review?(gandalf) → review+
Depends on: 1346549
Bug 1354442 is the last in Firefox that uses nsIScriptableDateFormat.
Depends on: 1354442
Depends on: 1376167
Assignee: nobody → VYV03354
Hmm, looks like we never landed the patch (attachment 8805914 [details] [diff] [review]) that was going to add a deprecation warning. :-( I guess it's a bit late for that now.

Still, maybe we should land it here, and then have a followup in a few weeks to actually remove the code. WDYT?
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I think we should not give an illusion that we still keep stability of the internal API even after 57.
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We removed nsIScriptableDateFormat from C-C, so you can remove it any time ;-)
Comment on attachment 8893675 [details]
Bug 1313625 - Remove nsIScriptableDateFormat.

Fine, let's do it.
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Summary: Deprecate nsIScriptableDateFormat → Remove nsIScriptableDateFormat [was: Deprecate nsIScriptableDateFormat]
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Remove nsIScriptableDateFormat. r=jfkthame
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We don't care about (legacy) addon-compat anymore.
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