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Unbranded page on not being updated after FF 49.0.1 !


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Build ID: 20160922113459

Steps to reproduce:

The promised page that was promised repeatedly over onths, has not been updated for FF 29.0.2 !

It had been being updated in a timely manner through 49.0.1, and we were pleased.  

Actual results:

The page has not been updated for FF 49.0.2, though FF 49.0.2 is a security release, and has been out for over a week !

Expected results:

This page should have been updated to point to 49.0.2 unbranded, and 49.0.2 unbranded should have been set up to install (if it has not been) !

Help!  Help!  Help!  I have not been able to get any response on this from anywhere, and no returned calls from Mozilla HQ !
Sorry for typos - Should say 49.0.2, not 29.0.2, and months, not onths.
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Product: Firefox → Websites
Summary: Unbranded page not being updated after FF 49.0.1 ! → Unbranded page on not being updated after FF 49.0.1 !
Version: 49 Branch → Trunk
I think Kev is handling these updates.
Flags: needinfo?(jorge) → needinfo?(kev)
So who can get this to Kev?  Is he ok?
Article has been updated regularly since 20th November 2016 and is currently up to date.
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Closed: 5 years ago
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