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Sticky position outside scroll clip can cause scroller to grow infinitely.


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Steps to reproduce:

Load the attached HTML file. The green sticky box is stuck below the scroll clip.
Scroll down to reach it.

Actual results:

As you scroll down the scrollable content length grows infinitely as the sticky box is pushed down so you can never scroll to it.

Expected results:

Chrome and Safari treat the scrolling content size as the containing block size for sticky position computation, which means the sticky position box is clamped by, and not allowed to move below the scrolling content length.
(note, this bug came up in a blink-dev thread about differences between Chrome's implementation and ours:
Component: Untriaged → Layout
Product: Firefox → Core
David, who's been tracking the sticky position spec bits?
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This bug is part of a group of bugs which have had an open needinfo for at least 12 weeks.

The request for information has not been answered, and we can't move forward on the bug so we are closing it.

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Defect is still present, I hope and/or can respond here?

Also, quite certain is a dup of this issue.

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See Also: → 1434265

Fwiw, I think this was resolved incorrectly and the bot that did it is buggy. I filed on that.

Attached file Another test case

This also occurs even if the sticky element is only partially out of view (e.g. if it is larger than the container). I've added a repro for that case.

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