Need symbols for libsystem_pthread.dylib

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2 years ago
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2 years ago
Presumably this is the OS X pthread library. I don't know how useful symbols will be, but it would at least let us add this to the prefix or skip list to get to an interesting signature.

For example, bp-7d1f42f3-afb7-40d4-8f6c-002cd2161108
Assignee: nobody → ted
Since I got my scripts working to scrape symbols out of Apple's system updates (bug 1301471), this is generally much better. We're still missing symbols for the initial release versions of macOS, because those aren't published as updates. This is pretty clear if you facet search results by OS version:

The table looks like this when I run this search right now:
1	OS X 10.11 	1899	82.67 %
2	OS X 10.12 	201	8.75 %
3	OS X 10.13 	77	3.35 %
4	OS X 10.10 	75	3.27 %
5	OS X 10.9 	44	1.92 %
6	OS X 10.90 	1	0.04 %

So we presumably have symbols for 10.12.X, just not 10.12 itself. I looked into scraping symbols for other things in bug 1361055, but I ran into some roadblocks and didn't get back to it.
Depends on: 1361055
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