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GMPServiceParent::AddOnGMPThread(path) can't handle a mixture of dir separators in path


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I see dom/media/tests/mochitest/test_peerConnection_basicH264Video.html fail when run locally on Windows because the mochitest harness is setting MOZ_GMP_PATH to a path which contains a mixture of UNIX and Windows path separators, and the NS_NewLocalFile() call in GMPServiceParent::AddOnGMPThread() is failing. We're then failing to add the fake OpenH264 plugin to the GMP service, and the WebRTC tests for H264 are failing.

Frankly, I don't know how they're working in automation at all; they're certainly failing locally, and they fail in automation when I have my work-in-progress patches for Bug 1316215 applied. Maybe the WebRTC H.264 tests are using gmp-clearkey on Windows by mistake? Yet another reason why we should be asking for GMPs by name, rather than capability.

We've had this sort of failure before, so I think we should just make the GMPService gracefully handle being passed paths with a mixture of dir separators, rather than fix the test harness to pass paths with consistent line endings; it'll probably just regress in future and break again.
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Bug 1317473 - Make GMPService accept paths with mixed dir separators.
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Make GMPService accept paths with mixed dir separators. r=jesup
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