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Don't send a sync ping for self-hosters


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People self-hosting their sync servers can skew our stats, particularly if they don't upgrade the server components. For example, such users may account for pings that have a zero'd |uid|.

I initially thought we should just record the fact it is a custom config in the ping, but then thought we should just not bother sending a ping at all, which would probably better meet the expectations of those users.

I think just checking Services.prefs.prefHasUserValue("identity.sync.tokenserver.uri") is enough for this purpose - that will also exclude staging etc too, which I think is what we want. One consideration for the implementation is TPS - we probably *do* want to arrange for it to validate the ping it would have sent had it been against prod.
If we check and discard in the `submit` function, that will keep everything (TPS, etc) working.

I think this isn't just important for skewing our stats, I suspect that if you're self hosting sync, there's a decent chance you'd be unhappy with us sending telemetry about it (but maybe I'm wrong?).

Should be very short, will upload patch if I get a chance by the end of the day.
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Bug 1317579 - Don't send a sync ping for self-hosters.

Looks great, exactly the right place it needs to be to not break e.g. TPS even when configured to point somewhere strange.
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Don't send a sync ping for self-hosters. r=tcsc
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