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Stop running artifact builds on the graphics project branch


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The artifact builds look for push heads on specific candidate branches [1]. On the graphics branch we are pushing code which isn't found on those candidate branches. so those artifact jobs just fail. See [2] for an example.

I'd like to disable the artifact job (there's actually only one) on the graphics branch. I wrote a patch and verified it has the desired effect by using |mach taskgraph decision| with a lot of parameters that I pulled from a parameters.yml file on the graphics branch.

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Bug 1318099 - Disable artifact build tasks on the graphics branch.
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(In reply to Dustin J. Mitchell [:dustin] from comment #2)
> There are easier ways to test! :)
> html#hacking-task-graphs

I tried using |mach taskgraph target| but it didn't seem to exercise the same code, unfortunately. In particular it doesn't go through the code. I've been using those other subcommands for verifying new tasks that I've been adding to the graphics project branch, though.

Thanks for the review!
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Disable artifact build tasks on the graphics branch. r=dustin
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Disable artifact build tasks on the graphics branch: add empty line to make flake8 happy. r=flake8-fix
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