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Show virtual keyboard in RDM when device is touch enabled


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Steps to reproduce:

Enabled RDM and try to fill a text input.

Actual results:

I used my physical keyboard.

Expected results:

Since it's "emulating a touch device" it should use a virtual keyboard so I can see how the layout it's modified by the space taken by the virtual keyboard.
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Component: Untriaged → Developer Tools: Responsive Design Mode
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Hi, I want to give a little more explanation.
I would like this feature to check how the layout it's modified by the presence of a virtual keyboard.

The link above points to a example of the fxos-gaia keyboard used in a normal page. It's very cool and I think it would be a useful feature to check things like unexpected resizes by the smaller viewport and things like that.

Ideally it would respect the "resize strategy" of each platform.
- ipad: If has space to show the keyboard, the keyboard slides over.
- ipad: If has no space to show keyboard, slides the whole viewport.
- fxos android: If has no space, resize the viewport.
- chrome: If has no space, resize the viewport.

I understand that there is a lot of different cases and it's even worst if you take in account the presence of the url-bar.

It's seems that there is no standard behavior in how browsers should react to situations with dynamic url-bar and virtual keyboards and it's difficult to get all this correctly in the provided device list.

But event it all this can't be achieved, the basic case showing the keyboard on input focus and subsequent viewport resize it would be valuable.
Sounds like an interesting enhancement idea, thanks for filing!
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Product: Firefox → DevTools

I'd like to +1 this bug. I do all of my mobile web development in RDM, but anything with a text input, I have to use a real phone because I can't be sure how the page will respond once the keyboard is shown. It's not just an overlay on mobile browsers, it actually scrunches the page, so it's important to make sure that we're not scrunching over the input block, else users can't see what they're typing. So this feature would be super appreciated.

Severity: normal → S3
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