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Intermittent e10s Win devtools/client/responsive.html/test/browser/browser_exit_button.js | Test timed out -


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Skip browser_exit_button.js on e10s/Win8 a=me CLOSED TREE
Needinfos for people who've touched this test.
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For some context, Win8 e10s tests were enabled across the board on trunk today, so this failure was probably lurking there all along.
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Skip browser_navigation on e10s/Win8 a=me CLOSED TREE
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Skip the RDM browser-chrome tests on Win64 e10s due to ongoing failures.
(In reply to Pulsebot from comment #5)

Per bug 1319266 comment 2, I think disabling the tests is the right answer for now.
I'll move this to our backlog.  Not sure when there'll be time to look more closely, so ni? again if you believe higher priority is needed.
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Priority: -- → P3
Whiteboard: [rdm-v2]
Hi Gabriel, this fails very frequently on autoland with Win 7 VM debug today. Could you check what's up with this, please?
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The frequent failure got fixed by the backout of bug 1356448.
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I think I've found the issue here, hopefully we can turn these back on.
Assignee: nobody → jryans
We've gotten past the browser_exit errors I believe, but there are some more in browser_permission_doorhanger.  Looking into those now.
Well, we got further, but now more errors are coming up.  This seems like it's going to take a while...  Still not sure why this one platform is so different than the others.
Well, still lots of intermittents here.  Potentially it's good enough for opt only, but debug still needs work.
Summary: Intermittent e10s Win8 devtools/client/responsive.html/test/browser/browser_exit_button.js | Test timed out - → Intermittent e10s Win devtools/client/responsive.html/test/browser/browser_exit_button.js | Test timed out -
Bulk priority update of open intermittent test failure bugs. 

P3 => P5
Priority: P3 → P5
Product: Firefox → DevTools
Assignee: jryans → nobody
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