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[marionette harness tests] Default to not swallow stdout from pytest


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It is sometimes convenient to include stdout from tests in the shell.  We could pass the `--capture no` flag (equivalent to -s) to pytest in order to not swallow this output.

As a data point, we already do this for the WPT wdspec tests (in and it has not been an annoyance.
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Hi, can I work on this bug?
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Sure. As usual let me know if you have questions. Otherwise I will mark the bug assigned to you once the first path has been uploaded.
Mentor: hskupin
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Hi, sorry for taking so long to start on this bug.

It seems the github repo linked to above has been relocated. I think I found what I'm supposed to be looking at, but I'd like to check to make sure:
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The canonical repository has not been relocated but we make use of a copy of it in our tree. But you have the correct file to look at in how we can fix it for the marionette harness tests.

Sadly I forgot in which file the python-tests invoke pytest, but Andrew will be able to tell it to us.
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Generally it would be set here:

But I'd r- this change if it set the config globally for all python-tests. Instead you can pass extra arguments into pytest via the mozunit.main() call at the bottom of each test. E.g, mozunit.main('--capture=no')
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Hm, ok. Andreas, which specific tests did you have in mind here?
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This is about the Marionette harness unit tests located under
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Sure, so you want to see it for all of them?
Is it for all the tests?
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As I said in comment #0, I think it makes sense to surface all
stdout/stderr from all MnH (Marionette harness unit tests).

At the moment I don’t expect any of them have any print() statements
in them, but print() is by far the most powerful debugging technique
and it is detrimental not to have access to it.
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I think it's totally fine to do this (for the MnH subset of tests), but just wanted to point out that:

1. Pytest does dump stdout of the test functions if it fails (I normally add assert False to the end when writing new tests)
2. You can pass in -s via the PYTEST_ADDOPTS environment variable, e.g:
PYTEST_ADDOPTS="-s" ./mach python-test ...
I believe I've fixed this bug. How can I test if the code I wrote works?
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(In reply to Benjamin De Brasi from comment #13)

> I believe I've fixed this bug. How can I test if the code I wrote
> works?

Add some print() statements to a Python test file, for example
testing/marionette/harness/marionette_harness/tests/harness_unit/tes, run it in a shell and verify that its stdout contain the
lines you asked to print.  The file should be runnable with "./mach
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Benjamin were you able to successfully test your changes?
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Hello, I think I got a working solution. I've tested with print statements and everything works fine :).
Petru, thank you for the patch, but generally someone else should only work on a bug if the former one doesn't respond anymore. Given that I asked Benjamin only 2 days ago I would like to wait at least until Monday. If we don't hear from him by then, or he agrees that you can fix it, I will happily accept your patch and review it. I hope that this is ok for you.
I know, I know... It's just that I did not find something else suitable for me... Sorry.
(In reply to Petru Gurita from comment #19)
> I know, I know... It's just that I did not find something else suitable for me... Sorry.

In the future as best ask first before starting on a bug. This prevents clashes when several people are working on the same patch, and makes others work obsolete. 

But given that we didn't get any reply from Benjamin yet, I will assign the bug to you now. I will do the review later today. Thanks.
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So I had a look at the patch and also tried it locally. By doing so I have seen that those print lines always appear in my console whether if the patch is applied or not. Then I remembered that I set the `PYTEST_ADDOPTS=-s` environment variable a while ago, which is exactly the feature we need here, right?

Andreas, so if this request was only for local development I would propose that you set this environment variable. Otherwise please tell me for which specific situations you also want to have it.

Sorry that I forgot about the environment variable.
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I think remembering to set that variable is not a great option.
The best option here is to have sensible defaults, and it makes
sense to include print() statements in the regular stdout.
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If that is a sensible default we will see by just enabling it for the marionette harness unit tests. Thing is if that would be a general good default, why isn't it enabled by default for pytest and our build system. Anyway, lets see how this works for us.
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Bug 1319793 - [marionette harness tests] Default to not swallow stdout from pytest.
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[marionette harness tests] Default to not swallow stdout from pytest. r=whimboo
Thanks for fixing this minor annoyance!
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