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chrome://browser/skin/places/autocomplete-star@2x.png is packaged but not used on Mac


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Firefox 53
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My test in bug 1316187 reports chrome://browser/skin/places/autocomplete-star@2x.png as unused on Mac.

Bug 1181078 ( removed the reference from browser.css in in what seems to be an accident, as the lowdpi version of the file is still used on Mac, and the @2x version is still used on Windows.
You know what, I actually suspect the whole .autocomplete-treebody rules can go.
AFAICT they only act on the autocompletes using a treeview, and the only one doing that is the searchbar, that has its own rules like
.search-panel-tree > .autocomplete-treebody ...

The awesomebar uses the richlistbox from quite some time, and that's probably why we didn't notice a regression...
This could mean there's far more to remove than just that file.

Drew, could you please confirm my theory? I couldn't find any point where we may still be using these autocomplete-treebody rules in current AC. Though having a second look would be great.

I can probably make a patch once we are sure.
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Flags: needinfo?(adw)
to answer my own question, the other treebased ac is the tags field autocomplete, it has some styling (could probably be simplified) but no icons at all.
there is only one add-on referencing this icon, with less than 300 users.
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Bug 1320066 - Remove unused rules and images for old treebased urlbar.
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Remove unused rules and images for old treebased urlbar. r=adw
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