There is no way to see crash report id on unrooted android if Firefox is not usable itself




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Steps to reproduce:

Currently i have android device (without root) on which Firefox crashes constantly. Crash reports sent by i cannot file bug because firefox crashes prior me getting to about:crashes and i have no obvious way to see these id without root which is not option for that device.

Actual results:

Just crashes on any attempt to interact with browser and firefox profile is not accessible without root.

Expected results:

At least some auxiliary way to get at least that ids, like text file on SD or something accessible. 

Sorry if there is such way, fast googling didnt show any.
Hello and thank you for your report.

Can you please provide information about the device and OS that you are using to reproduce the issue?
Also, I noticed that you specified that Firefox Beta 51 is the version that keeps crashing, please correct me if I'm wrong. Which Beta 51 build are you using?

Can you try with a clean profile and see if the issue is still reproducing? Go to your device settings -> Applications -> Application manager -> choose the Firefox that you are using (Firefox Beta in your case) -> Storage -> Clear Data
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Comment 2

2 years ago
I want to work on this bug as my first bug. If nobody is working on it..Can I work?
The way to do this is/was to create an account with the email address matches the email you submitted with the crash report at

The reason I say is/was is that crash-stats login process changed about a month ago and I don't know if this is still possible. The other option is to submit with an email address and I can search on that address for crashes that are related.

Comment 4

2 years ago
Sorry for delay.
So, it seems that crashes started to appear from Firefox for Android 51 beta 3. With current beta 5 its still crashes almost instantly once i start to type in urlbar.
About device - its Dell Venue 7 tablet, quite old, with Android 4.4.2. Need to mention its Atom (x86) based device.
I used wipe option and cleaned everything, didnt help.

I will use option in comment 3 and put crash reports as soon as possible.
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Comment 5

2 years ago
Ok, it seems that so clearing data for Firefox Beta made it crashing with little bigger delay then before, so i managed to get several crash reports

They both leads to so feel free to mark as duplicated.
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Comment 6

2 years ago
Ah, sorry for bugspam again, but actual problem is persists - its hard to access crash data on Android without root. Sadly, even on adb there is no access to /data even to directory listings and  email-in-crashreport option from comment 3 is not obvious either.
Maybe crashreporter should allow standard android "sharing" of crash-id to other app after submitting or something like that, its would be much easier.
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See Also: → bug 1318667
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