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(Re-)add tests for webrequest modifications of top level loads


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Bug 1314492 was a large refactoring of the webrequest tests.  But it also inadvertently dropped test coverage for blocking webrequest listeners that modify top level loads (or more specifically, loads without a loading principal).
Note that this is similar to but not the same as bug 1318800 which was just about passive listeners.
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Bug 1321615 fix tests for header modification in toplevel loads,
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fix tests for header modification in toplevel loads, r=kmag
The curious thing about this failure is that it fails in a way that doesn't make sense.  We test for a valid array, then use array.find which throws undefined (log below).

I was unable to repro on try in comment 5, so I'm going to try re-landing this.  There has been some flux in the webrequest code, so the cause may have been addressed.

INFO - TEST-PASS | browser/components/extensions/test/browser/browser_ext_webRequest.js | valid responseHeaders array - 
INFO - Console message: [JavaScript Error: "headers.find(...) is undefined" {file: "moz-extension://9ccd484f-f7c2-48e0-b1af-863a1bb49c89/%7B9857a585-a039-4142-86cd-0140d50ab68a%7D.js" line: 128}]
INFO - checkHeaders@moz-extension://9ccd484f-f7c2-48e0-b1af-863a1bb49c89/%7B9857a585-a039-4142-86cd-0140d50ab68a%7D.js:128:19
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fix tests for header modification in toplevel loads, r=kmag
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