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Monochrome system font's emoji overrule EmojiOne


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Steps to reproduce:


Actual results:

Emoji from two or maybe even three fonts are displayed. See attached screenshot.

Expected results:

Firefox bundles EmojiOne on certain platforms for a reason: Because they have no or incomplete emoji support. Therefore on platforms where Firefox ships EmojiOne, that font should take precedence over competing, incomplete fonts.

Bonus points for an additional option in the font configurator to pick the preferred emoji font. Considering that Twitter, Google, etc. also make free emoji sets, users may wanna pick their favorite set.
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Product: Firefox → Core
Have the same problem on Linux.

Firefox uses and respect fontconfig rules. So system Sans Serif fonts get higher priority than EmojiOne Mozilla, which only available in Firefox, not system-wide. Fonts like DejaVu Sans contains a lot of monochrome emoji symbols, and has a predefined high priority in fontconfig. So users would see some monochrome emoji.
I like the configurable Emoji Font idea.
Duplicate of #1321586.
Duh. Duplicate of #1321586
Priority: -- → P3
Bug 1032671 could be a part of the solution here, I think.
Depends on: 1032671
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