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While trying to develop and deploy a Telemetry Experiment on Windows I kept encountering an error when testing installation of my addon. After much debugging and troubleshooting with Felipe Gomes we determined that was generating a different sha256 hash than what was expected.

Upon further investigation, with help from Jukka Jylanki, we discovered that is loading the file in text-mode instead of binary mode. 

Further explanation of the issue provided by Jukka:
> On Linux and OS X, there is not much of a concept of a binary vs text file, 
> which is why the issue didn't manifest there, but on Windows, file opening 
> is done either in text mode or binary mode, and especially when hashing, all 
> files (even text files) need to be opened in binary mode so that the hashing 
> method correctly hashes the source bits untransformed.
> The bad transformation that occurred here on Windows is that if a file is 
> opened in text mode, the bytes representing Windows line endings on disk 
> (\r\n or 0x0D 0x0A) will get loaded up to memory as just a single byte 
> \n (0x0A), which would change the original file data that is getting hashed. >
> In the case of the binary compressed .xpi file, it looks like the file just 
> accidentally happens to have a byte sequence 0x0D 0x0A, which got mutated, 
> and hence the hash being different.

The fix is to simply make sure we always load the file for reading as binary. I have a patch to fix this.


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\o/ so glad you find this!
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