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[tracking] track uptake of all Firefox update mechanisms


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Firefox has quite a few services and client methods to update code and data right now. We should be tracking uptake. The opt-out Telemetry reporting is the best place we have to do that.

A good place to start might be to have a single "Updates" dashboard where we can easily compare all of these. In general we'd expect all of these to be about the same (excluding users that have manually disabled one or more update methods), but we know of several places from user reports and our own ad-hoc Telemetry investigations where they are not the same.

We're already doing a good job of this for App Update, so this would be a good number to measure against. Also Blocklist has been considered the canonical source of ADI for some time, so we should keep this in mind for the moment even if this changes.

We know of at least the following:

App Update                 - AUS
System Add-ons (incl. GMP) - AUS
Downloads                  - Bouncer/CDN
OneCRL                     - Kinto
Hotfixes                   - AMO
Blocklist                  - Kinto
Addons                     - AMO
Shavar                     - Shavar service
Pinning preloads           - Kinto
SHIELD                     - Normandy
ABSearch                   - ABSearch service
Telemetry Experiments      - CDN (?)
Test Pilot                 - TestPilot service

We also have services like Telemetry and CrashStats where we report data, there's a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem there but tracking successful transmissions to compare with the above would be useful.

I'll investigate which client update mechanisms these use make sure we've got telemetry in place, and file bugs blocking this tracker for cases where either of these conditions are not true.
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Remote Settings?
(In reply to Mike Kaply [:mkaply] from comment #2)
> Remote Settings?

Yes that's newer than this list! It uses Kinto as the server IIRC.

Mathieu, maybe this is covered by your work on Uptake Telemetry?

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We made a lot of progress in the last 2 years.

Every use case of Remote Settings is reporting uptake telemetry implicitly. And if we take the list in Comment 0, a lot of them were migrated (or are about to be) to Remote Settings (Normandy, Absearch, Shavar).

So basically, if we would leverage the uptake helper in the app and addons update code, we would have almost everything covered.

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