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2 years ago
AIUI the first version of Fennec using Java based DB management code was Fennec 14, which used the v8 DB schema:

I.e. the oldest possible database version in use by any user of release versions of Firefox will be v8 (beta/alpha/nightly testers, and developers, might have older versions).

I'd like to propose removing any code referring to and/or handling migrations from schema vX to v8 for X < 8, since no release users could possibly have older DB versions, and we shouldn't need to care about unreleased versions.

Removing support for those versions would allow us to remove the rather complicated  migrateBookmarksTable() and migratHistoryTable() methods, which would help us declutter BrowserDatabaseHelper.

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2 years ago
We could also potentially do the same for other unreleased intermediate migrations (we'd have to combine certain migrations to do that though). I've put a list of fennec relases vs db schema versions on the wiki:

Note that care is needed in this area, it seems that some intermediate migrations have already been (erroneously) removed, see my comments at:
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