Entering fullscreen on a video inside RDM will enter entire Fx in fullscreen and breaks the content displayed after exiting



2 years ago
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(firefox50 unaffected, firefox51 unaffected, firefox52 wontfix, firefox53 affected)


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[Affected versions]:
- Latest Nightly 53.0a1
- Latest Developer Edition 52.0a2

[Affected platforms]:
- Windows 8.1 32-bit
- Windows 10 64-bit
- Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit
- Mac OS X 10.12.1

[Steps to reproduce]:
1. Start Firefox
2. Visit a video website (eg: youtube.com)
3. Enter RDM (CTRL+Shift+M / CMD+Alt+M)
4. Enter fullscreen on the video

Extra step for the broken content:
1. Exit fullscreen using ESC key. (control bar is not available) 

[Expected result]:
- RDM enters fullscreen and after exiting the content is properly displayed.

[Actual result]:
- Firefox enters fullscreen and the content is wrongly displayed.
- The content will be displayed as before if I enter Fx in Fullscreen and exit F11 or refresh website.

[Regression range]:
- This is not a regression since it reproduces on the build where fullscreen was added (bug 1240913). Although after exiting fullscreen on old build does not break the content as it does in a new build.

[Additional notes]:
- Not sure if there are two bugs here or not, maybe Ryan can shed some light here.
Has Regression Range: --- → no
Has STR: --- → yes
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2 years ago
Has Regression Range: no → irrelevant
Looks like there are some errors in browser-fullScreenAndPointerLock.js when using RDM.  It seems like it can't find the right browser when getting the "MozDOMFullscreen:Entered" event.

Should be fixable, but also seems low priority, as I don't think fullscreen would be used very much with RDM open.
Priority: -- → P3
Whiteboard: [rdm-v2]
See Also: → bug 1325077
Duplicate of this bug: 1336890
Mass wontfix for bugs affecting firefox 52.
status-firefox52: affected → wontfix


2 months ago
Product: Firefox → DevTools
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