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Some notifications like "A web page is slowing down your browser" cause twitching / resizing of another tab during tab switching


(Toolkit :: Notifications and Alerts, defect)





(Reporter: arni2033, Unassigned)


>>>   My Info:   Win7_64, Nightly 49, 32bit, ID 20160526082509
STR_1:  (original)
0. Set pref "dom.ipc.processCount" to 100
1. Open
2. Open url [1] in a new tab, click button "Busy"
3. Switch to the tab opened in Step 1 and wait 15 seconds
4. Switch to the tab opened in Step 2, then back to the tab opened in Step 1

> [1] data:text/html,<title>Ready</title><script>function Busy(){" "+"Busy";setTimeout(function(){var;while(<D){}" "+"Ready";},0)}</script><button id="B" onclick="Busy()">Busy</button><br>Timeout: <input id="I" value="30000"> milliseconds

AR:  Notification in the busy tab opened in Step 2 causes web page from Step 1 to resize
ER:  Notification in one tab shouldn't cause another tab to resize

STR_2:  (references of good behavior)
1. Open
2. Open a new tab, open findbar (Ctrl+F)
3. Switch to the tab opened in Step 1
4. Switch to the tab opened in Step 2, then back to the tab opened in Step 1

AR:  Notification from Step 2 caused no resizing of web page from Step 1, just as expected.

1) Summary says "Some notifications" because my txt file says that it happened with notification in
   Firefox Hello, but I don't recall how exactly it happened. So feel free to make it e10s-specific.
2) Url in Step 1 is an easy detector of resizing, because it breaks once resized. I mentioned it only
   because I wanted to write down the original encountered bug. You can use any page that tracks
  'resize' event, or your eyes and reaction. In fact, noticeable amount of web pages (esp. with canvas
   elements) break in some way when I resize window, so I usually extra careful with those.

When I switch between tabs, notifications like
Hello � "this tab is slowing down nightly" cause twitching / resizing of initial tab
������ breaks this canvas (������ ��������, ������� ���������� �����������)
Component: Untriaged → Notifications and Alerts
Product: Firefox → Toolkit
No longer blocks: 1277113
Severity: normal → S3
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