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[gui] It's possible to accidentally start background download after quick cancellation


(Testing :: mozregression, enhancement)

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(Reporter: arni2033, Unassigned)


>>>   My Info:   Mozregression GUI version 0.9.2
1. Click "Run a single build", click "Next", click "Next", focus "Finish" button via Tab key
2. Hover mouse over "Stop bisection or single build run" button on toolbar
3. Press Enter (to press "Finish" button), then keep clicking on the button from Step 2
   until you see the progressbar saying that a build is downloading (yes)

AR:  In "Bisection progress" pane you see progressbar saying that a build is downloading
ER:  All downloads should be immediately canceled when I click "Stop button"

1) It's not possible to cancel download other way then start a new one. In this case
   I see crash dialog, but everything works (quite cool; all software should be like this)
2) Sometimes I notice at the last moment that "Search for fix" checkbox isn't checked because of bug
   1258688. So I want to immediately stop all downloads and start a new one and run into this bug.
No longer blocks: 1277113
Component: Untriaged → mozregression
Product: Firefox → Testing
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