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Notification rectangle is completely gray if mouse was placed over another application when notification appeared AND mouse was placed in the notification area - round 2


(Toolkit :: Notifications and Alerts, enhancement)

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(Whiteboard: [bad-timeouts])

>>>   My Info:   Win7_64, Nightly 49, 32bit, ID 20160526082509
Pay attention to reported version. It means that I haven't tested the bug myself, I only predicred the
possibility by reading the patch in bug 1184790. I also don't know how notifications look on latest
version. Read bug 1184790, esp bug 1184790 comment 16, bug 1184790 comment 18 for full understanding.

Short description:
1) When push notification appears below moving mouse pointer,it appears w/o opacity fade-in transition
2) When I hover mouse over notification in the end of transition, then move mouse away,
   notification disappears w/o opacity fade-out transition.

1. Open attachment 8635037 [details]
2. (prep) Click "Start countdown", wait 3 seconds, allow notifications, wait until notification hides
3. Click "Start countdown", then in less than 3 seconds move mouse to the place where notification
   appears, start moving mouse to the left and right by ~10px (just in case)
4. Move mouse outside of the notification

 Step 3 - Push notification appears w/o opacity fade-in transition
 Step 4 - The notification abruptly (w/o transition) becomes almost fully transparent,
          then it becomes opaque with opacity fade-in transition (smoothly)

 For fade-in transition there should be no difference whether mouse is placed above PN or not
 Step 3 - Push notification (PN) appears with opacity fade-in transition, as if mouse wasn't there
 Step 4 - Fade-in transition should start from the same point it was when mouse moves outside of PN

1. Open attachment 8635037 [details]
2. (prep) Click "Start countdown", wait 3 seconds, allow notifications, hover mouse over notification
3. Move mouse outside of notification, then after ~3.05 seconds (tricky) hover mouse over notification
4. Move mouse away from notification

 Step 3 - Push notification starts disappearing with opacity fade-out transition, but when mouse moves
          above notification, it abruptly becomes opaque (i.e. w/o transition)
 Step 4 - Notification abruptly becomes almost transparent, then becomes fully transparent with
          opacity fade-out transition

 Step 3 - When mouse moves over notification, it should become opaque w/ backwards fade-out transition
 Step 4 - Notification should become fully transparent w/ fade-out transition (bug 1184790 comment 18)

1) Once you finish reading approximate STR, read bug 1184790 comment 18 to understand my vision. I
   used the most formal way to describe the desired behavior of the widget, but if somebody knows how
   to explain it (in English) in two words and/or want to create HTML mock-up, please do it.
   Also, I can't think clearly right now, it seems that I wrote one specific option (A) from
   bug 1184790 comment 18 in ER here, while that comment describes 2 possible options. So read closely
2) Better summary is also welcomed, but please change summary in bug 1184790 too, so that summary of
   this bug was equal to summary of 1184790 plus "round 2", to underline that bug 1184790 isn't fixed
3) In these expectations and probably in some other places of this bug "transition" means the visual
   effect that is visible for user, not CSS properties or other realization used in the browser
Blocks: 1184790
No longer blocks: 1277113
Component: Untriaged → Notifications and Alerts
Product: Firefox → Toolkit
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