Urlbar removes http:// from text I pasted to urlbar after I switch to other tab and back




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>>>   My Info:   Win7_64, Nightly 49, 32bit, ID 20160526082509
"I want to leave the tab knowing that it'll be fully functional when I come back."

1. Open https://bugzilla.mozilla.org in a new tab
2. Copy "http://example.org" to clipboard
3. Switch to tab from Step 1, focus urlbar, select all text there, paste text copied in Step 2
4. Open new tab (Ctrl+T), then close that tab (Ctrl+W) or just switch to another tab and back. VOILA!
 (bonus) there's already a bug, but it'll become worse if you continue
5. Select all text in urlbar via Ctrl+A, copy selected text via Ctrl+C
6. Press Ctrl+V paste copied text into urlbar (or paste it somewhere else)

 Step 4 - "example.org" in urlbar
 Step 6 - "example.org" is pasted, which means that "example.org" was copied to clipboard in Step 5

ER:  Either X or Y or Z. My personal preference:   X > Z > Y   (">" means "better")
 X) "http://example.org" should be in urlbar after Step 4, because that's what I put in it.
 Y) Ok, if Firefox team wants urlbar to change text I paste into it, it should do that immediately
    (in Step 3), so that I knew that the next time I visit the same tab, the text will be broken.
 Z) OK, let urlbar break text as it wants, but let me copy original text in Step 5.

 Urlbar shouldn't mess up strings I put in it, because I only do that, because I try to avoid
 using notepad to store information related to current website/tab.
 I really hope that Firefox doesn't plan to force user to use notepad for normal things like
 STR_1, because the same reason could be used to force user to use notepad for storing
 closed tabs, bookmarks and for history itself. That is just illogical.

This is regression from bug 665580. Regression range:
> http://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/pushloghtml?fromchange=48e72227c2fa&tochange=e0b805cab438@ Dão Gottwald [:dao]:
It seems that this is a regresion caused by your change. Please have a look.


7 months ago
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