Suggestion: provide full "Status" dropdown at bottom of page (where "Resolve as" is)



User Interface: Modal
a year ago
a year ago


(Reporter: mcomella, Unassigned)




I find it frustrating that I'll read through a bug, realize I want to close it, but don't have the granularity to close it the way I intend (e.g. "WONTFIX") at the bottom of the page, so I'm forced to scroll up and search for the "Status" tag – it'd be great to show a Status dropdown at the bottom.

Context: "Resolve as" displays "FIXED", "INVALID", "DUPLICATE" – I frequently use "WONTFIX", and "WORKSFORME".

I recognize there's a workaround: click one of the options above and the full status dropdown will show. However, it's unintuitive and I usually don't think to do it.

fwiw, I've been using the modal view for a while now (a year?).
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