No Reader view icon in URL on Fennec while available on other browser.




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1. go to on fennec.
2. No Reader view icon in  URL on Fennec while the reader mode is available on other browser, such as chrome.

Is it because different algorithm to enable reader view icon  ?
or any other consideration on the design of reader view on Fennec is applied ??

Thank you
I see the reader view icon for CNET articles (not on the start page) - but I do not see anything in Chrome. What option do they show on your phone?

But yeah, in general both browser are using completely different implementations/approaches.

Comment 2

2 years ago
Hi Sebastian,

You can see the reader view icon for CNET on iPhone Safari.

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(In reply to Jack Lin[:jacklin] from comment #2)
> You can see the reader view icon for CNET on iPhone Safari.

Okay, that's again a different implementation.

Anyways, if the icon is only not showing on the start page of CNET, but shows up on single articles, then this is working as expected. We are only offering reader mode for "article-like" pages.
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 Since our implementation is different with Safari, and not every page could be in reader-mode, I think we should close this bug.
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Hi Sebestian and Nevin, thanks!

I shared the same idea with you to close this as RESOLVED WORKSFORME.

Hi welsey, can you share your view on this bug ? Since as far as I know, you tracked the bug of "estimated reading time" is shipped in 53?   

Thank you !
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Agree with comment 4 and comment 1.
I think we don't have the goal to have exactly the same reader mode criteria with other browsers.
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