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memset 0 of the entire PRNetAddr in PR_InitializeNetAddr


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PR_InitializeNetAddr only memset 0 for ipv4 struct. We should clear the entire PRNetAddr for supporting ipv6 as well.

See bug 1326483 comment #24 for the detail.
I confirm that this fixes the problem I found in bug 1333185.

BTW I think that PR_InitializeNetAddr() needs the IP address family as an input, because even though this properly memset's the struct now it still then does everything based on the AF_INET (even when that is the wrong address family). But that is probably for another ticket to fix.
Blocks: 1333185
Comment on attachment 8826072 [details]
Bug 1330490 - clear entire PRNetAddr struct in PR_InitializeNetAddr for IPv6.

::: nsprpub/pr/src/misc/prnetdb.c:1408
(Diff revision 1)
>      PRNetAddrValue val, PRUint16 port, PRNetAddr *addr)
>  {
>      PRStatus rv = PR_SUCCESS;
>      if (!_pr_initialized) _PR_ImplicitInitialization();
> -	if (val != PR_IpAddrNull) memset(addr, 0, sizeof(addr->inet));
> +	if (val != PR_IpAddrNull) memset(addr, 0, sizeof(*addr));

I don't *think* this should cause any problems, but I was looking at the history here, and there are some comments on bug 54796 that are a little concerning. I'm not sure they're still relevant nowadays, though.
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I double checked the current mozilla-central and doesn't found any code that passes sockaddr_in to PR_InitializedNetAddr.

I'm not sure about the proper way to move this bug forward since NSPR is a shared library to many project. Do I simply land this bug via mozreview?
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No, this needs to land in the NSPR repository.
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Need someone to land this patch on nspr repo. @ted can you help?
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@kaie can you help merge this patch to NSPR repo?
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