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ProcessDisplayItems() spends too much time on ComputeOpaqueRect()


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Attached patch reuse-getdisplayport.diff (obsolete) — Splinter Review
In the profile for bug 1269695 (google doc with over 200 pages), ProcessDisplayItems() takes a lot of time while the user scrolls the document.
When look into the detail, nsLayoutUtils::GetDisplayPort() called by ComputeOpaqueRect() pop out.

It is very clear that most items has the same AGR as its previous item, the result of GetDisplayPort() must be the same too.  I created a patch to keep the result of GetDisplayPort() in ContainerState for later using if the AGR of later items is the same one.
I did some test on this patch.  Load a, and inject following JS code to content.
   var idxx=0;
   window.setInterval(function() {if(idxx%2)"padding: 10px"; else"padding: 0px"; idxx++;}, 1000);
And measure how long to run nsDisplayList::PaintRoot(), and compute the average.
It improves about 3%~%5.
This patch assumes display items in succession usually having the same AGR, we don't need to re-compute display port over and over again.

It is not easy to measure for too many factors interfering the result, but, overall, it roughly improves nsDisplayList::PaintRoot() for 3~5%.
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Cache and reuse the result of GetDisplayPort

Review of attachment 8828701 [details] [diff] [review]:


It might be worth moving some of the code into a 'GetDisplayPortForAnimatedGeometryRoot' helper that checks the cache, and does the expensive lookup if it fails.

That way we can just have the Contains() check once (and we can run it on the empty rect if 'sf' was nullptr).
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Move code to |ContainerState::GetDisplayPortForAnimatedGeometryRoot()| as the suggestion from Matt.
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Keywords: checkin-needed
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Cache and reuse the result of GetDisplayPort. r=mattwoodrow
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