Ensure date and time input types are accessible by design




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I saw recent activity on bug 1283381 but couldn't see an accessibility dependency. Filing this to make sure accessibility is covered.
Yes accessibility is considered in the roadmap. Current time and date type are both MVP which only covers very basic functions. Even localization is not included yet. We'll come out timeline plan shortly and update publicly [1].

[1] https://wiki.mozilla.org/TPE_DOM/Date_time_input_types#Roadmap

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2 years ago
Thanks for filing this David!
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Version: unspecified → 54 Branch
Wesley are there any inaccessible input types we are planning to ship (I think in 57)?
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In 57 we'll ship date and time types. Keyboard navigation (tab and up/down) can complete selection on the input field, but not able to bring up a pop-up picker.
The original design does cover many more features however we would like to ship the simple and viable feature set at this moment.
Here's the latest UX spec showing what are (and are not) implemented. 
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