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Add support for the IE Tab Chrome WebExtension


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We would like to support the IE Tab Chrome WebExtension ( in the Firefox China Repack.

Here are Botong's notes from his tests running the IE Tab Chrome extension in Firefox:

* With hand tweaked native host manifest and registry keys, the extension can be loaded into Firefox

* A few APIs used by the extension are still missing from Firefox, but they don't appear to be in any critical path:
    * chrome.permissions [bug 1197420]
    * chrome.runtime.onMessageExternal (the web facing part, not the
inter-extension one) [bug 1319168]
    * chrome.webRequest.onAuthRequired [bug 1190689]

* With either 32-bit or 64-bit Firefox, the extension can talk to the corresponding binary successfully

* The URL bar for IE rendering in the moz-extension page is visible, while the main content is blank

* I briefly suspected the missing of "--parent-window" in the invoked command line [bug 1270359], but when tested in Chrome, the value is just "0" instead of any Windows HANDLE

* Navigating with the IE URL bar, the correct page title can be received from the binary, suggesting the embedded IE component is partially working in the background
Depends on: 1330488
Hi Kev, can you help with this.
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We're going to pursue an alternative solution.
Closed: 4 years ago
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